The PTS Bridge Software would bridge the gap between the Parents, Teachers and Student to complete growth of students.

The PTS Bridge system extremely important to have good communication between parents, teachers and students. PTS Bridge helps parents by giving a complete detailed analysis of a student’s day to day at institution and information of institution activities thereby increasing the parent’s involvement furthering complete growth of their child.
A parent is really the student's first teacher and critical to student success is the involvement of the parent. It is critical that both parent and teacher know that the goals for the students are indeed shared goals; both teacher and parent want what is best for the student.

Why are parents, teacher’s communication important for student success?
PTS Bridge establishes communication between parents and teacher through the message and online system that serves as a platform for parents and teachers to exchange ideas. For teachers and administrators, message and online communication makes it easier to reach the parents and build the relationships with parents. PTS Bridge Software allows parents to receive real-time information about their child’s performance and activities at school and flexible opportunities to ask questions and provide information to teachers and school administrators.
PTS Bridge is established in for schools and it aims to form unity between parents and teachers in the school. PTS Bridge becomes an intermediary between parents and the school. PTS Bridge involvement also includes assistance in management and administration together with the improvement on performance in students, curriculum field, co-curriculum, contentment, welfare and discipline. PTS is materialized as an effort to build understanding in education system. That school should have a close and strong bond with parents in order to ensure excellence in the national education system.
The first contact with your child's teacher, in many ways, is the most important, this is the time you are building rapport and developing a communication of trust. Therefore, an appropriate time and setting is important for the first brief encounter. So parents and teachers communication is best.
A good communication between parents and teachers is vital for the healthy development of the students. Both, parents and teachers need to have shared goals for the improvement of the students as well as to bring out the best in him/her. It is extremely important to be open minded in parent-teacher communication, as this would allow the exchange of ideas and information needed for the progress of the students.  

How it is helpful for management

PTS proves itself effective for the management in many ways like Management and administration together with the improvement on performance in students’ curriculum field, co-curriculum, contentment, welfare and discipline also contribute in increasing the school’s physical development that aims to provide better physical facilities for conductive learning environment.
PTS is materialized as an effort to build understanding in education system. The school should have a close and strong bond with parents in order to ensure excellence in the national education system. Elements are integrated and functional in completing one another.
This software helps management to control the whole environment of the Educational institution.

How it is helpful for teachers

PTS is beneficial for teachers also. Today computer knowledge is necessary to teach the students with modern techniques so PTS provides them special computer training classes to teach the students more effectively. Special workshops for teachers are also held time to time to enhance their talent, to motivate them and to built up their confidence level. The teachers can also communicate with the parents to discuss any problem related to the child’s development in any field and they can get feedback of the parents online. Sometimes students bunk their school with their friend but it helps the teacher to intimate the parents on the same day when he/she is absent) that their child is absent

How it is helpful for Students

PTS helps the students to be updated by getting day to day updates of question papers, assignment, current affairs, articles, news and other required information related to their studies. Students can also get updates of regular events held in their school and zonal activities held in their surroundings with the latest snap and picture gallery. 3Students can also get on-line bus route facility. . In case they are absent or cannot attend the school due to any uncertain reason Weekly assignments and homework is also given for the students on-line.

How it is helpful for parents

PTS Bridge is helpful for parents wether they are working on not in many ways, it make them aware about there children’s whole day activities in school by sms and online facility if student is absent due to any reason It provides them online homework as well as assignment ,question bank, exam schedule facility. Moreover parents are the most excited for the annual result of their ward; PTS provides them ON-LINE facility to check their result.
Parents can directly communicate with the teacher to ask about the regular performance of their child. PTS also updates personal and academic information of the students and the parents can come to know that where their child stands. Moreover parents can also get parenting tips to bring up their child in a healthy atmosphere.