Q1. What is PTS Bridge?
Ans. The PTS Bridge Software would bridge the gap between the Parents, Teachers and Students.

Q2. What is the motive of PTS Bridge?
Ans. Motive of PTS Bridge is complete growth of students and help them to full fill the aim of educational institutions.

Q3. How it is beneficial for the Parents, Teachers & Students?
Ans. PTS bridge system connects the Parents, Teachers & Students by which they can share their ideas and suggestions.

Q4. How it is beneficial for the school?
Ans. School can send any type of information to the parents in a few seconds and to quickly communicate to the parents.

Q5. How much PTS Bridge is more effective from other softwares?
Ans. PTS Bridge is more effective from other software’s because it is complete package for school management system.

Q6. Why can’t we grow without PTS Bridge?
Ans. Without complete communication and information anyone can’t grow. So PTS Bridge system is made for communication and sharing useful information.

Q7. How can we login to PTS Bridge?
Ans. First we need to visit the school website and put our username and password to reach the PTS Bridge login place.

Q8. What should we do if we forget the password?
Ans. We should click on the “Forget Password” button given the PTS Bridge login and the password shell be sent via sms on the registered mobile numbers.

Q9. How we can send message to teachers?
Ans. Once we login in PTS Bridge and click on the sent message in message option. We send a message to particular teacher by the teacher’s name.

Q10. How we can check message sent by teachers?
Ans. Once we login in PTS Bridge and click on the view message in message option. All message sent by teachers can be read.

Q11. How long does it take to implement and what are the cost implications?
Ans. It will take 15-30 days for implementation and this may go up depending upon the level of customization. Costing will depend on customization. For further details please mail us or call us at the numbers given.

Q12. How do we avail a free demo for PTS Bridge?
Ans: Please mail us with the details of your school and when and where do you want a free demonstration of the software. We shall get back to you as soon as possible.